Yoins coupons and promo codes

And although I'm an adherent of a semi-sporting style, but I can hardly pass by a beautiful dress. Therefore, making an order for a coupon in the online store Yoins could not resist not to pamper yourself with a beautiful little thing. Initially, I was subdued by the gentle lavender shade of Length Sleeves Geometrical Printing Dress. This is real spring — warmth, airiness, romance. Straight looked at the picture on the site and recalled the recent sunny days. Well, and of course, I imagined how cool this dress would fit in my wardrobe. But the main, and perhaps the decisive factor was sewing. The dress is free and straight, a peculiar rectangle. Even the sleeves are not narrowed. A kind of greetings from the past, for good reason they say that the fashion is cyclical. In general, I admired, threw it in the basket and lived in anticipation. The package arrived in 23 days. Opened, admired the color, tried on. Honestly, I did not expect the dress to be so short. Although, as it turned out, I'm still to blame, or rather my inattention. The dimensions on the page are correct, just, apparently, I hoped at random. Although, I think I did not hope for anything, just as usual I did not notice. To be honest, very sorry, another couple of centimeters and the price would not have been. But girls with a little less growth must pay attention — the dress sits perfectly. I think this cut will be appropriate for any type of figure. It is easy, free, interesting in its simplicity. As for the dimensional grid, the site presents a few variations for selection. I always use the European one, it is the most understandable for me. Yes, and even given the peculiar nuances with Chinese dimensions, it will be difficult to make a mistake here. I chose eu36. When you click on the desired size below appears the main characteristics of the dress, but, please note in inches! Therefore, do not be scared, but simply translate into the usual centimeters, it's easy to do. I repeat that the dimensional grid on the site is correct. The only print is a geometric figure. Front and back seam right in the center, I think it does not spoil the dress, on the contrary, adds some flavor. Sleeves, as you already noticed, three quarters. At me it is practically the most favorite variant for a spring and a cool summer. It is also convenient that, as already mentioned above, they are free cut. Fabric, judging by the description, synthetics. Not so hot, of course, but to the body it's pretty nice. Yes, and it means, like, not for too hot weather. So it's not critical. Discounted price for promo code is about $ 20. In general, I can say that the Yoins shop was pleasantly pleased, things are all quality, prices are acceptable, delivery is fast. Therefore, if you like something, order without fear.