Trendsgal official site

2 years ago the bags on the official site Trendsgal were very popular and positioned as genuine leather, great sales and good reviews, it's no surprise that I could not pass by then. In the spring of 2016 I received my mini-crocodile, naturally no natural skin and did not smell. The bag is made of high-quality leather substitute, all the lines were smooth threads did not stick out, locks workers, lining inside is well sewn. I did not like the strap, half made of woven material, as well as I remember it included a small strap to wear on my arm. In general, I was satisfied with the bag, it does not look good, beautiful, and cheap. After about half a year of active exploitation, the strap came off, but I quickly fixed it with the usual glue for false nails. More troubles bag did not upset me. At the moment, the crocodile bag really became for me a real workhorse, 2 years after the purchase, I also continue to actively use it. Appearance did not deteriorate and continues to please the eye, the same stylish and beautiful. Despite its not large size, it is quite roomy. In winter, during frosts it does not harden and does not freeze, which is very pleasing. What is remarkable, despite the former popularity in the vastness of the official site Trendsgal, I did not see such handbags in my town. 2 years ago I bought it for $ 9. In general, I recommend the bag, I myself love it very much and I hope that it will please me for a long time.