Trendsgal Global Shopping Festival 11.11

I'm tired of carrying a suitcase with a loaf and potatoes. I wanted a small and comfortable handbag, so that without a liter of milk inside, not a ton of cargo on my shoulder, to grab the most necessary and ran. My requirements are not great — I want to: Over my shoulder; I got a purse, a phone, keys, food and a comb. From the food from the cafe, I sometimes twist, stir, so the trays, this is our everything. And it was necessary that this most cherished lottery in your purse would fit. I bought a bag in the online store Trendsgal during Global Shopping Festival 11.11 for $ 5. The handbag came to me apparently from a faraway country, because I had been waiting for her for more than two months. And she already wanted to complain about how her purse arrived in the last days. And although the bag has almost the same dimensions in length and width, it looks like a rectangular tablet, and not as a square. In the bag there is one outer pocket. It is very deep, for the entire length of the bag. In this there is plus and minus. Plus, you can put a lot in this compartment. The downside is that you will be looking for something for a long time, since the pocket is deep, but narrow. Inside the bag are two pockets — one — with a zipper, where you can put something valuable, the second — just a small pocket, where I fold a mirror, lipstick, or something so small that it can be urgently needed. And that the thing is not looking to not climb all over the bottom, it is put in a pocket. In my handbag I got my little purse, a comb, keys, phone and some small things. The wallet comes in close but you can put it both horizontally and vertically. He climbed and a container with food, but only small or folded. Sometimes I take a separate package of food to work, and I bring it back to the same container in my purse. To this we also add a passport. The bag is not big, but comfortable, like I wanted. The belt is adjustable. You can make a long or shorter one shoulder. Can be adjusted by growth. After adjusting holds well. The material itself is a leather substitute. To the touch is smooth. Side of the bag is narrow. The empty bag looks like a thin tablet. With this baby it is convenient to walk, go on trips, to nature, to work. It is comfortable and light. I recommend this bag for daily wear.