Tmart official online store

Hello! I discovered the official online store Tmart in 2017. There are many different things. There are plenty to choose from. Some things are cheaper. I decided to order a case for iPhone and mascara. The case was November 11. As a result, the parcel arrived on 10 January. I already thought I was lost, but then I came. Nicely. Packaging looked normal, not broken. Free delivery. It seems like you can buy a track code for money. The quality of goods is quite acceptable. Cover silicone. Only in one place is the jamb small. And on the side is not very accurate. But I trimmed with knives and everything is fine. About the ink while I can not say anything, because I have not tried it. In general, I'll order something else, something else. I managed to order, just before the Chinese New Year, 3 bracelets in 2 parcels. It was on the 20th of January. I was given track numbers, but they were not tracked. But, knowing the specifics of the Chinese New Year, I did not steam. On February 26, when the New Year was over, and the tracks did not work, I wrote to the support team. The next day, I was told that the package was on the way. And on February 28 they came! One is still on the border, and the other I took in the mail — March 7, 2018. In general, the official online store Tmart recommend, and the delivery took 1.5 months.