Tmart Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Today I want to talk about my acquaintance with the Chinese online store Tmart. About a year ago, I made several orders for Ali's beloved. I, like everyone, was attracted by free shipping, low prices, variety of goods. Due to an error in the system, when ordering, I did not receive two orders. The parcels successfully reached Germany, but they were not given to me. Stupidly true? The Chinese even did not blink an eye, that in my data there is no surname and was sent. Of course, I'm also to blame for not having noticed that there is not much time at the computer with a small child, because of this, and inattention. The parcels eventually went back to China, all the terms came out, the sellers closed the order, so nothing will be done. The system itself on Ali made me a little embarrassed, because it reminds me of Russian roulette. I began to look for an alternative and quite by chance found the site Tmart. There are several positive reviews about him. I'll write the main advantages: the delivery is free in all cases; good quality goods; simple registration; possibility to pay with PayPal; good choice of goods; Pleasant prices; points for adding reviews, photos, videos; coupons and discounts; courteous staff, intelligent, quickly responds to the problem and quickly responds to your letters; the site is designed clearly and simply. Let's get to know him better. Next to the Home icon, you can customize the site in your own way — the country of the recipient, the choice of currency, the choice of language. Nearby there are buttons: login and registration. Registration is simple, as I already described, you specify your name, surname, address. The goods are divided into categories. About each product you can read the description, reviews and view photos or videos made by customers. For registration you are credited with twenty Tmart points. For the addition of a photo or video about the product, 10-20 points are charged. Accumulated points can be used when placing an order. 100 points equals $ 0.50. Make an order is also very simple. To do this, you need to select the product you like, move it to the basket and place an order. At registration it is possible to enter a discount coupon, if you have one. I advise you to check the box to add optional insurance of the order, it's inexpensive, but it's calmer. I ordered several products on this site during Global Shopping Festival 11.11. As for the speed of delivery, here I do not see a particular difference with Ali. Goods are shipped from various warehouses, which are located around the world, the delivery depends on it. I ordered a bottle on November 11, and she came on December 7th. I paid for orders by PayPal. All orders are sent within 24 hours. The only, but not essential minus in this online store is a small selection of clothes for children. Not densely of course, but you can survive. Drawing a conclusion, I want to praise this online store. I think that you are sure to find here something for yourself.