Tmart coupons and promo codes

Not so long ago, I found another Chinese site. It is called Tmart. The assortment is the same as on similar sites. Prices are slightly more expensive. Decided to order a coupon for a discount — a small parcel with jewelry for testing. I ordered two earrings and one ring. The earrings cost about $ 1, and the ring is $ 0.80. By the way, I already ordered such a ring on another site, it was worth $ 0.90, but they sent it to me defective, the heart was chipped away. Here everything is done normally. Let's see how it will go about. Parcels from this site are sent in a white cellophane bag. The parcel was about a month old. We sent it pretty quickly, in my opinion for two days. The site Tmart points are added, but this is if you order from $ 10. For every $ 10 give 10 points, it's $ 0.1. I want to try something else from them to order on promo codes, I will post the photo.