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A cell phone, it's a smartphone. Now this is probably the most indispensable thing in human life. Appeared that they are not so long ago. The first phone, still with a black and white screen, appeared in my 10th grade of high school. God, this was 2003. Since then I had a lot of phones! I always bought them in profile stores, but I risked and ordered on the official site Teknistore. This phone Original Xiaomi Redmi 3X has already acquired a friend of our family and very well about it responds. However, he bought it for $ 15 more, as he bought through an intermediary in a neighboring city, and he in turn ordered from China. Some will say — Why !? Why, you bought it through the Internet from the Chinese !? On him there is no guarantee! And if it breaks ?! Yes, that's right, in the store, the warranty is almost on any cell phone or smartphone for one year. Well, I wanted everything! My husband and I have already ordered electronics. The tablet and the car video player-navigator with GPS and everything works fine. I ordered a smartphone for $ 130. The parcel was being tracked. The phone came without damage. All because it was in an air cushion, namely in polyethylene very dense, which was inflated. Even if you sit on it — it will not burst! He was also in a cardboard box. On it, of course, everything is in Chinese. Inside the charger is a USB cable and a charger. Two plugs: for American and European outlets. Headphones are not included. Yes, and in our country buying phones of famous brands, I have not seen in a set of headphones for a long time. But the headphone jack is available. Although I ordered the standard and there was no protective film in the description, but I still put it on my store! And as leaves, it seems this same original instruction in one single language, guess on what? Surpriиiz! In Chinese! Yes, I do not need it. I already ass in the phones. The body itself I do not understand from what. It looks like metallized plastic. In short, plastic, but very durable. I bought in Thailand as a phone, that's where the thinnest plastic in the world was. The choice was gold and silver. I took the last one. I really like the phone, the official site Teknistore recommend!