Simple-Dress coupons and promo codes

The decision about the wedding came to us with her husband spontaneously. Together for a long time, about marriage, there were talks, but somehow there was no time. And then one day we walked past the registry office, went in just to ask and applied. Wedding in 2 months, of course nothing is ready and not planned. I did not have time to walk around elephants at all, and everyone knew the toad choked when I looked at the dresses for $ 300 and realized that I would wear it for 1 day and hang it in the closet. So I decided to climb on the official site of Simple-Dress and see what they offer me there. Eyes scattered. Dresses for every taste and color. And so I chose the dress I liked, with a discount on the coupon it cost $ 119. The dress of the silhouette is a fish, on a corset, but without a zipper, with a train. I also ordered gloves, a fur coat and a long veil of 3 meters to him. Then there was a month of agonizing waiting, and suddenly here it is! Notice! I'm jumping to the post office, taking the order, I'm coming home. Honestly, my hands were shaking, because less than a month before the wedding, and if the package was not what I expected, everything was a tragedy. But no. The dress was very high quality and beautiful. Size, too, did not fail, since there was one corset without zippers, it went to 42, and to 48 size. I liked all my relatives, and most importantly, I liked my husband. After the wedding, the train was black, but I was too lazy to wash it, so I threw it into the bag and sent it to the attic. Got a year later, just so, missed. I washed in a typewriter, in a delicate washing mode and dress, like new. Nowhere, nothing has disappeared, not torn. Only the steamer is left to walk and at least get married for the second time. A joke, and then suddenly my husband will read. In general, I am very satisfied! For its price worthy dress. If you, like me, are not going to organize a grand wedding for 10,000 people and are not ready to give huge money for a dress for one evening, then I think that it's worth taking a chance and ordering a dress for promo codes Simple-Dress! Thank you for reading, I hope someone will help me to choose the dress for the happiest day.