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Hello everybody! Today finally arrived long-awaited parcel from your favorite official site Rosewholesale. And I came with a handbag Fashion Small Bag Women's Messenger Bags Soft PU Leather Handbags Crossbody Bag For Women Clutches Bolsas Femininas Dollar Price. The parcel was packed in a dense dark gray, I would say even a black bag, in which there was another transparent package. It was in this rocket that my handbag turned out to be. Despite the fact that there was no pimply packaging, so-called happiness packaging, the handbag did not even rumple and looked fine, though there was a small smell that quickly evaporated. By the way, the parcel came quickly — for 2 weeks. The track was tracked. And so, as for the purse itself, its dimensions are such 22x15x5 centimeters. In size, of course, the bag looks more like a purse. For this purse you need a special mini-purse or you need to carry money in the purse itself, with which it's better to use only bills without trifles. The handbag is fastened to a triangular tongue, which in its design differs from the main material, namely: it is made in the form of a set of rectangles, and on the edge of the tongue are attached iron rings. Although the material feels the same everywhere — the standard Chinese PU-leather. On the back of the bag there is a small pocket with a zipper. If you tilt the tongue, which is held on the magnet, you will see two identical pockets without any fasteners. Just above two pockets is a lightning, if you stretch it, you get two more deep pockets. If you turn the bag over, you can see that its bottom is divided into two parts. These parts are the main two pockets of the bag. In one of them is a small pocket for a mobile phone. In the other pocket is a hidden pocket with a zip. Lining fabric is made of good material, this will not be torn in time and will not go with arrows. Lightning is also of high quality, working perfectly. To the purse are attached two straps: one long — on the shoulder, and another small — for the hand — on the wrist. And so the perfect value for money combined in my new purchase on the official site Rosewholesale. I hope that my review will be useful to all successful purchases.