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Was performed last August to a loved one for 25 years, what should he give to an adult peasant? Everything is simple, good, expensive toy! Like all grown-up boys, Sergunya has a dirty trick on radio-controlled toys. Well, like toys, this device is far from childish and very dangerous in unskillful hands, the turns are such that the nail cuts like a hair, and you will not even feel the pain. Well, about everything in order. On day X we went to the online shopping of toys, walked around the pieces probably 4-5, nowhere was a decent unit with a good remote control, until they came across the official site of online store RcMoment. The first thing naturally rushed to examine the big models, with the scope of the screw about a meter or two. Also have decided, that beginners need not killed kid Blade. We were naturally upset, the size of the helicopter was a little more than the palm of our hand, but after explaining that the inexperienced pilot will kill the big model on the first day — agreed, plus we were quite bribed by the 3D flight function. Quickly paying off, after waiting 2 weeks for your order, we rushed to the nearest park, but alas, we could not even move the blades. Already at home, they began to understand and it turned out that not everything is so simple, first you need to bind to the DX4e console. Who will help, it is done like this: Connect the battery to the helicopter; We press the button on the panel; Turn on the remote control; After 3-4 blinks, remove the left lever to the left until it stops, and press the button, which has been squeezed before, squeeze; As soon as the bulb on the helicopter ceased to blink, the connection of the console can be considered complete. After binding, you need to understand how the control is going: without lifting the left lever up, pull all the levers in different directions and understand which one is responsible for which, then you need to learn how to evenly lift the helicopter into the air and hang in one place. After learning to turn in different directions and fly in a circle. All this is desirable to do in the room, at a distance of about 2 meters and in the event that suddenly the helicopter is aimed at you, learn to lower it in advance, and not flop. All this is read easily, in fact it is difficult to control the helicopter, as I already wrote, once I cut a nail with my blades, about the number of scratches on our legs I generally keep quiet. The blades also left not one impressive scratch on our old parquet and on the closet. However, once the blades still broke, the benefit was spare in the kit, but they did not live long. By the way, for all this time only the blades and their thrusts were broken, all the other parts of the helicopter are really not killed. Stand spare parts — a penny, a fool can replace them, another thing is that I would not trust a fool, I do not want to remain a cripple. In good, in order to learn how to manage well and not to rally yourself and the helicopter, I advise you to buy a flight simulator, not sure what it is called, but this is a program installed on a computer to which the console is connected and there quietly, without trauma, we learn to fly. At us process of development of all possibilities — has got stuck. God grant to the next autumn, finally go out into the street, and a few years will master and flights upside down. In general, the toy is good, her husband fights with her all day, stopped interfering in the kitchen and no longer bothers with stupid things, but now if I need something — he does not call out, sometimes I had to hide the helicopter. I hope to 35 years he will master this toy and you will be able to buy a larger model. The official site of online store RcMoment recommend, the range of radio-controlled toys is gorgeous!