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I really love the beautiful table setting. No, not so, I really, really love her! I have a huge collection of different plates, dishes, salad bowls, napkins! Some I dragged from travel, while some did not take and beat on the road, some bought from us in the country. The main part of the dishes in my house is of course a relic of time, something got from my grandmother, something was given, in general, I reached a certain age, I realized that I do not have a single set of dishes — all in disagreement! Of course, with such utensils I managed to arrange everything nicely and submit, but I really wanted more! Having thrown out all the fragile shards, I went on a quest! Initially, the requirements for the dishes were as follows: A table / tea set with a lot of serving; Mandatory porcelain; The amount is up to $ 2000. Perhaps such a sum of someone is shocking, but in my opinion — this is quite an adequate price for a good service; Classics, but not strict, allowed some sort of floral pattern. Because of my love for various porcelain bottles, some brands were familiar to me. And so, finally, I came across an online store Porzellantreff — a lot of dishes, everything is beautiful. It was here that I saw the dishes of my dreams — the service Brillance Fleurs Sauvages from Rosenthal. I belong to the category of people who first go shopping, find the right thing, and then several times cheaper to buy on the Internet. The service was the same. A series of Fleurs Sauvages was in stock, I picked up everything I needed, counted, and in 2 weeks I was already brought everything, I note, the service with a coupon discount cost almost $ 300 cheaper! So, I wrote a lot about the selection process, now I will write about the service itself! The collection of white color, porcelain right well, very thin, of course, it all glows when you look at the light, which I dreamed of! On the rim of the large plate are flowers, but not all around, but only one edge, the rim of the second plate, which is placed from above, is completely covered with a pattern of wild flowers. When you put them on one another it's very beautiful! The flowers are very bright, saturated, you just look at them and you want to smile! For me this dishware and on the way out, and for every day, it's smart, but not pompous, not fanciful. In addition — very unpretentious! I use it in the microwave and in the dishwasher — if only that! It's also unusual that the plates have a slightly unusual shape. Their edges are slightly sloping, but not in depth, as with conventional plates, but slightly outward. The tea set in the collection is just above all praise, the cups are very light, almost weightless, everyone who visited my guest was delighted! The dishes are made in Germany, at the bottom of each item there is a stamp of the stamp and the name of the collection! Summarize, among all the dishes I saw, the best was the dish of Rosenthal and, of course, my flower collection! I advise everyone to buy dishes on promo codes in the online store Porzellantreff!