Popreal official site

For several months we have been wearing this suit, but only now decided to unsubscribe it. Ordered a suit on the official site Popreal in the spring for $ 14.95. Similar costumes were many, some even slightly cheaper, but chose here, because the reviews were good. The parcel was sent quickly, and waited less than a month. They took on the growth, so in the spring the suit was still too big. But by August it was already possible to carry, the daughter wears and now. The quality is very good, the material to the body is very gentle, soft. The stitches, like for a thing from China, are very well stitched, nowhere are threads sticking out. Pants are cute, funny, neat. The material to the body is very gentle. They turned out to be exactly the same as on the picture that the seller had exhibited. There are two convenient pockets. The jacket is also very interesting, all the seams are neat, even on lace. Behind there is a pretty bow. T-shirt turns out to be longer than jacket, but so on design and conceived from the beginning. Everything is done neatly. The only thing that the suit before the toe still had to be brought to mind, because the buttons hung on thin threads and the head of a rabbit fell, because it was attached only below. But these shortcomings were very easy to eliminate and resolve so tightly that there was a certainty that nothing would disappear anywhere. The material, I repeat, is tender. So for a young princess fashionista suit will be just right, so the suit and the official site Popreal recommend.