Novashe Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Kind time of the day for everyone who looked! Not so long ago I wrote about a nice dress for a daughter, who came to us from China. And now, as promised, I leave a tip about my new thing, which allowed us to create the image of this hot summer. So, what did the Chinese friend send us, selling all kinds of clothes on the official site of Novashe. Last year our daughter had absolutely identical dresses that did not differ either print or style. This time, my mother decided to abandon the laconic lines, giving preference to romanticism. A little priborennaya skirt and sleeves, flashlights, as if from childhood. In the waist a number of thin rubber bands that look like one big. Due to this, there is a chance to visually become a little more slender. It's just a dream of a young seductress, is not it? But, I think that older ladies sometimes can afford some liberties and try on this dress. In the summer, I go for a long walk with my daughter and, as I do not like uneven sunburn, I often wear sarafans and tops with open shoulders. Therefore, my new thing was for me a real find. Theoretically, this dress can be worn by pulling on the shoulders, but I do not really like this option. Therefore, long live the lowered shoulders, which are still in the trend! The dimensional mesh of the store hinted that I need to take M, designed for ladies with a chest girth of 90 to 100 centimeters. But I was reinsured and took the size L habitual to me, having decided that the extra centimeters in the bust area with this dress model is not a problem. But a few additional centimeters of length will not prevent, because Chinese friends like to save on cloth. And I have not lost! The dress was even a little longer than the store promised. It is somewhere on the palm above the knee with my height of 162 centimeters. I think that M would not only be shorter, but would unduly tighten my charms. At the time of ordering during Global Shopping Festival 11.11 the price of the dress was $ 17.92 and for all this time it practically did not change. The store presents several colors of this model: in the arsenal there are cherries, and tulips, and roses, and wild flowers. There are light-colored dresses, but darker. But my heart was given to these bright lemon on a snow-white background. Just a burst of freshness and positive! Washing the citrus in the warm water with dignity: not faded and did not fade. The dress is actually made of fine cotton fabric, as, in fact, the seller and promised. This, of course, is a definite plus. In this outfit you will feel easy and at ease even in the midday heat. But be prepared for the fact that the dress will be quickly enough to crumple. I have no special claims to the quality of tailoring. Erasers tightly adhered, the seams fairly even. There were a couple of sticking threads, but on closer inspection I found a couple of small joints of Chinese seamstresses, but this in no way spoiled the overall impression of the dress. Conclusion: Excellent dress for walking on hot summer days, and still a pretty option for photo shoots.