LightInTheBox official site

Hello! First, I'll tell you a little about the official site LightInTheBox. We learned about it on one of the sites, they then had a good coupon. The goods in the store are not that many, but everything is represented, from clothing to electronics. A small assortment can not be called, most of the necessary things can be found, but the store is also not fixated on any particular category. With prices, the situation is again different, for some products it is overstated, for others it is cheaper or the same as in most stores. Often there are the same products with different prices, so be careful, this is a feature of many stores. Also the store often provides various coupons or bonus money, it was very pleasantly surprised. With each purchase on the bonus account, too, interest is accrued, not large, but still. Delivery — here the moment is not very pleasant, most of the goods with paid delivery, the price for which is sometimes very high, plus the shipment of the goods takes a very long time, but they are warned about it in advance and there are preliminary terms of the order in the order status. When choosing the delivery, pay attention, there are different ways, differ in value. Also there is a tick that insures the parcel, it is also worth the money. Parcels come in different ways, some faster, others later, from the store it does not depend. Pleases and the availability of many payment methods, of course the usual and more secure for everyone is PayPal, but I had to pay directly by the card. And now I will tell you a little about one of the premises. It was the first thing ordered, just for a good promotion. So she cost me a penny. It came about about 20 days. The package was an ordinary gray package, the flash drive lay in a bag that was wrapped in foam rubber, and there was a waybill about the goods. The flash drive is made of rubber, neatly, in some places there are burrs, but not noticeable. It looks very pretty, not big, but thick, which is logical. To pull out it is necessary to make efforts, it is held tightly. In the flash drive there is a hole on both sides, for the ring, but not through. The USB flash drive can also be pulled out of the rubber base. Conclusion: The official site LightInTheBox I'm not disappointed, there were bought a lot of goods, all normal, without claims, especially given frequent gifts in the form of coupons or bonuses. Therefore, as an additional option when choosing the goods store will fit. At the expense of the goods — a flash drive is not bad, with an honest volume, albeit a small speed. Looks pretty nice, and I would advise her more like poker lovers, fit for a gift to those who love this game. But how basic I would not take.