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I got these watch SKMEI 1095 Detachable Transformers Cartoon Robot Kids Watch on the pre-Christmas sale on the official site GeekBuying in the amount of 2 pieces in one order with several other trifles. The price at the time of purchase was $ 3.99. The package arrived a little more than 2 weeks and was not late for congratulations for the New Year. The children found the clock under the Christmas tree on New Year's Eve and were very happy. Periodically they are played now. At the moment they have not broken down yet, the battery has not yet sat down. The bracelet is soft, similar to silicone, the base for the robot and the robot are made of hard plastic, the paint is applied well and has not almost erased until now. The chip of these watches is a detachable folding robot, which can be played as a separate toy. But also to wear them as a watch is quite possible. The clock displays the current time on one screen and the date + month on the second. For adjustment, use two small buttons on the front. Watch the watch on the child's hand, a little cumbersome, but the children and their friends adore them. In general, I can recommend to buy this watch and the official site GeekBuying, because it is not just a wrist accessory, but also a fun toy for children.