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Hello. For the new year I decided to give my father a touch phone Oukitel, he did not have touch phones, so this is something like a toy, suddenly like it. Ordered on the official website of the online store GeekBuying with a discount on the coupon for $ 50, the parcel came in 31 days. The store packed the goods well, the box came without a single dent. The delivery kit itself is very meager, only charging and USB cable, although I would not demand more and would not, because the smartphone is very budget. Before you turn on, you need to remove the cover and get out the battery, because there the contacts are sealed, apparently for safe transportation. One of the reasons I chose this smartphone is its appearance. It has an interesting design of the back cover. Overflows are visible only under artificial lighting, if you look at it in daylight, you will see only textured plastic. With the artificial same interesting overflows, in a smartphone for $ 50 it's like a distinctive feature among the army of clones. The speaker is located on the back of the device. The fact is that when the smartphone is lying on the couch, for example, then the sound becomes inaudible. As for all other cases, the speaker is very loud, I have not seen such powerful speakers for a long time. However, the sound is not at all clear, ringing in the ears at high volumes. The smartphone has a front camera of 5 MP and a front camera with interpolation of 8 and 2 MP respectively. About the frontal camera do not want to say anything, because it's a hell of a hell, but I do not need selfies. The camera is the weak side of this device, it removes badly from my hands, but for my father will come down, because now he has a button-type device in which the camera has a resolution of 3.2 MP. The smartphone has on board a quad-core processor MTK 6580 and Android 6.0. Oukitel does not brake, it works in principle quite dignified, but it has one obvious disadvantage. The smartphone sometimes tupit sensor, the fact is that not all presses work. It happens that in some small elements just do not get into, the sensor works in another place. I do not understand why this happens. Typing the text on it is convenient, where you poke, there and you get, and sometimes in some applications I want to get on the ticker of choice, for example, and it does not work! It freezes very much. A dumb sensor in my opinion is the most important drawback of this smartphone. But in general, he has many virtues. About the price we already said, also a large juicy screen of 5 inches, 2 sim cards on board and a slot for a memory card. And also Android 6.0, this version is quite good and inside is stuffed with various additional functions. From simple, but interesting gestures to more complex, allowing you to open applications by drawing images of different letters. Memory on the smartphone is 8 Gb physical and 1 Gb operative. As for physical memory, no problem, I can easily insert a USB flash drive, and there is enough RAM. Now 1 Gb is the threshold below which you can not go down. Do not forget your friends that the smartphone is cheap, but it offers a good functionality. Naturally, there are minuses, this is a tight sensor, a disgusting camera and a weak battery, but as the first smartphone, like a toy it fits like no other. If my father likes the concept of a touchscreen phone, then later I'll buy him a decent device using promo codes, but for now let it learn.