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Oh, and I got to this beautiful dress of beautiful Victoria Beckham! What else to do on Friday night, how not to write about the dress. The dress flashed before my eyes quite often, but finally I wanted it when I saw the reviews. She did not hesitate to take the size S. out of habit. Then she panicked that maybe a little, but it was too late. It remained to hope for the best. The dress cost $ 12.59 on the official site of online store Chiquedoll. She ordered me on August 25, the dress came on September 12 along with the best parcels in the world — brown snickers, mint sweatshirt and swimsuit! The dress did not disappoint me, it was almost dented, rather weighty. Good and dense. For winter-spring-autumn is perfect, only I'm afraid, my hands will freeze. Red fabric — dense, warm, similar to natural. After washing, I hardly ironed it! At maximum temperature and only with the steam was ironed off normally! I washed in a basin, quickly, and in cold water, I was afraid that I was shedding it. And the blue fabric is like artificial silk, unlike the usual Chinese synthetics, which they so often push. Sleeves were ironed well. In general, the quality of this thing is 5+. No one is sticking out, the seams are even. All very carefully! For $ 12 … And do not say that the Chinese sewed! Rear neat hidden lightning, very long! So you can dress your dress through your legs! I almost forgot, the real size of the dress: length — 94, Bust — 88, the entire blue sleeve — 60 centimeters. Fully corresponds to the size of the store, and this is rare! You can simply bandage with a girdle, and you can slightly bulge the top, so it looks even better. The belt is very long, you can wrap around 2 times, and you can tie a bow. If you do not bubble up and pull up your sleeves — the dress looks like a nightgown. I'm very pleased with the dress, its and the official site of online store Chiquedoll recommend!