Banggood official site

Hello! Internet shopping is my favorite subject, and here a couple of months ago I decided to order from the official site Banggood. Pomonitoriv prices for various products, came to the conclusion that there is practically no difference with other similar stores, plus a minus for different products. First I wanted to order flowers, but then the look fell on the popular umbrellas in the instagrams, the colors were pleasant, and the price was cheaper compared to Ali. As a result, I bought an umbrella for $ 12.99. The delivery time was about 2 months, the order was brought by the courier home under the painting on a weekday. Estimated date of delivery: April 4, 2018 from my personal cabinet has moved for a month, I really thought that my money was crying. Track the order was impossible and the plaintive buttons on the site I did not find. I had to open my eyes. In this store you can pay for orders WebMoney, Qiwi, PayPal, bank cards. When ordering several products, it is possible to reduce the price for each item, as can be seen in the proposal. There is a referral system, but since I have already decided that I will not frequent this site, I do not want to delve into its meaning. Also give give bonus points for bonuses about the product on the site. A large assortment. In general, I was caught by the official site Banggood. I recommend if you already know what you want to buy. If it will be cheaper, then you can order.