Banggood official site of online store

In the decree, the theme of online stores became very relevant for me. Until now, I've only used ordinary sites, although, of course, I've heard about Ali and similar Chinese stores for a long time. For some reason I was always embarrassed by the distance and time that the parcel from China is coming. How long does it take to wait for an order? And is it even possible to get high-quality goods for such low prices? But my husband said that everyone orders everything and everything is fine, and I finally decided! At that time in our family were relevant 2 topics: this quadrocopter — for the husband and a cover on the phone — for me. Why quadrocopter, I think, do not need to explain. And of course I could have bought the cover in the store by the side, but you can buy a cool shockproof and waterproof on Ali for the same money! And now we are ripe for shopping in Chinese stores. Chose kvadrocopter on the official site of online store Banggood, and the cover — on Ali. We ordered both things in my name in one day and made bets, from whom the parcel will come sooner. We patiently monitored orders on these sites. And now the quadrocopter is already in our city, while my cover just left some Chinese city. A few days later, we learn that the sending of her husband is already at the post office. But my cover was already settled somewhere in the country. The next day they call me with the words: The parcel has arrived. How do you better convey it? And so I left the entrance, and at the door I was waiting for a friendly young man with a box in his hands. So, the quadrocopter was delivered from China to my house in 12 days! Well done, guys, worked quickly! And this despite the fact that the delivery was free. In addition, I will say that we have no complaints about the goods, everything corresponds to the description. The husband is delighted! And what about my case? He is still traveling around the country, more precise information is not available yet. But I'm still waiting and hoping. Summing up, I will say the following. If you doubt whether it is worth to trust the official site of online store Banggood, then my opinion: Yes! Excellent store, I advise. In my opinion, the prices here are slightly higher than on Ali, but the goods are of higher quality. Thank you for attention! I hope the review was interesting.