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Hello! Today I want to share with you one summer pet, purchased on the official online store Airydress. A beautiful and casual dress has a small history: I bought it about a month after the birth. You understand, this period is not an easy one, the figure has undergone changes. I did not have a centimeter at home, so I had to guess with the size. Before delivery, I wore S, but during pregnancy I recovered to 20 kilograms, so I realized I was no longer thin. In general, I decided to flatter myself, ordered M. If something happens, it will go well, but if it does not fit at all, then the dress for $ 10 will not be a pity to give, for example, to her sister! In general, in the dress I climbed back to back, good, it lasts. It is long almost knee-deep, but because it sits in the head, it has the property of going up and turning into a mini. So the introduction went smoothly into discussions about the size. Judging by this dress, I made a conclusion for myself: after birth, I recovered exactly one size. On the one hand, it's great, I so long dreamed of getting better and being, as they say, in the body. And on the other hand, half of the wardrobe had to be given away. The fabric is declared as knitwear. Feels very pleasant to the body, soft and very important, stretching. Therefore, if you are almost mistaken with the size, the dress will still be able to pull. The material is homogeneous, without patterns. The texture is very dense. Does not shine through. It lies well and evenly, gently surrounds the figure. Over time, the dress does not stretch, but retains its shape. That is, the fabric is very high quality. All the seams are smooth, there are no sticks. The dress is easily washed on the hands, it does not shed. Drying is not recommended in the sun. I'm afraid that it can fade. It dries not instantly, but in warm weather for half a day in an apartment it dries up completely. At first glance, the dress is summer. Bright, lively, the length is almost to the knee, the sleeves to the elbow. But in the heat + 30C it will be really hot because of its dense texture. Ideal for temperature + 20-23 degrees. And due to the fact that it is quite dense, it can be worn in the autumn with a jacket or waistcoat. This dress perfectly diversifies the gray autumn days. Casual dress is also good for office. Simply, in the style of kezhual, nothing superfluous. Of course, it is better to supplement it with accessories! I recommend everyone to visit the official online store Airydress, because there: A lot of interesting offers; Frequent sales, shares; Free very fast delivery.